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Whether it’s a single block or an entire castle, every build on our server is appreciated and takes time. As players would not enjoy having their constructions randomly taken down, kindly do not demolish that which is not yours. Should there be a build that you feel needs to be removed (either because it is no longer serving its use, or is offensive), kindly contact the person who built it first. Only if it is highly offensive (such as a swastika or something of that level) can it be immediately removed. Reporting it would also be ideal.

At MaltaCraft we believe that bullying is an anti-social behaviour that affects everyone. We are committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe community for all members so they can play and socialise in a relaxed and secure environment without fear of being bullied. Bullying of any kind is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. This includes excessive name calling, personal attacks, blackmailing, gaslighting, sexual assault, and stereotyping. If bullying does occur, do not hesitate to contact a member of the admin team on Discord and we will deal with the incident as quickly and as effectively as we can.

Clients and cheats that can give you an unfair advantage over other players are strictly not allowed. If you are unsure if a certain mod is allowed or not, feel free to reach out to us on our Discord.

This server is private property and therefore there should be no attempts to try to get in the server without proper authorization.

If you want a way to challenge yourself to hacking a system, feel free to visit something like HackTheBox, where you can learn more and earn rewards.

If this was not enough to persuade you from hacking the server, remember that hacking is illegal in Malta, and the authorities will be involved, should an attempt be made.

Under the Criminal Code, article 337C criminalises unlawful access to, or use of, information. Among the offences criminalised under this article is the unlawful use of a computer or other device or equipment to (i) access any data, software of supporting documentation held in that computer or on any other computer, or (ii) copy or modify any such data, software or supporting documentation held in that computer or on any other computer. This article also criminalises unauthorised activities that hinder access to any data, and also covers the unlawful disclosure of data or passwords. The following article, 337D, then criminalises the misuse of hardware. One of the most striking features of the Computer Misuse subtitle in the Criminal Code is the evident technological neutrality, which will allow these criminal laws to cater for a host of unlawful activities, irrespective of the technological complexities at issue.

The players in the server are there to have fun. Just like in real life, stalking someone makes the other person uncomfortable, and we wish to encourage having a friendly environment to play in. If you joined the server cause your favourite streamer or content creator is also on it, please understand that they too are human, and wish to enjoy their time playing the game, or they might be doing content, and stalking them will disrupt this process. Unless specifically instructed by the person you are stalking, this action is not allowed.
 All the players in the server will have a pre-defined character set in the server. This is a persona that they wish to play as throughout the stay on the server. The persona is first noted down on the application, and if accepted, it will be made public on the website forum.
When joining the server, it is highly encouraged that you interact with others. This can be through content creation, buying in-game items from other players, or just through chatting. 
Buildings should serve a purpose. This means no one-block pillars, or craters with no purpose, or permanent boxed dirt huts.
The server is equipped with a proximity chat. To see it in actions visit here. The bot in our case is called ‘Maltacraft’
  1. In the game, type in /discordsrv link
  2. Copy the code and send it to the Maltacraft bot, which will link your discord with the server
  3. Join the discord voice chat lobby
  4. Move next to a player, which will have the plugin create a voice chat room for you and said player
Full list of commands:
  • help / ? – Shows a list of all the options you have permissions for
  • linked – Shows if your Minecraft account is linked with a discord account.
  • link – Sends you instructions to link your Minecraft account with your Discord account
  • unlinked / clearlinked – Unlink your Discord account from your Minecraft account.
– Content creation:
    – As a streamer or content creator, there has to be at least one stream / video uploaded every two weeks. There are no limitations on how the content is created or for how long
    – Remember, whenever a new player joins the premium server from your content, you will get a bit of cashback!
    – It is highly encouraged to first talk to the team on any issues you might be facing, before posting content that goes against the server
    For streamers: As long as you have ‘Maltacraft’ in the title, and ‘Minecraft’ as the game, the stream will be automatically published on Discord, and on the website.