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A little bit about our
Minecraft server

It has been long known that if you wanted to host a server for your group of friends in Malta, you had to run it on your own system, or rent a server abroad, which would increase hassle and lag. The intention of this server is to have a Minecraft server right here on our little island, where you can connect to it 24/7, without having to sacrifice on ping.

Low Ping

Wherever you are in Malta, ping is no more than 20ms, ensuring a low latency experience

Up To Date

The server plugins are always kept up to date with the Vanilla server always on latest release


Chat and actions are always moderated by a dedicated team of mods

Open To Suggestions

We are always open to listen to your feedback, which can be posted on our Discord server

Backup System

All the servers have a full backup system in place in case of any mishaps

Malta Themed

Throughout the server, you will find a lot of Maltese reference for that sweet patriotism

The Team

server owner nathaniel cutajar profile picture

Nathaniel Cutajar



server owner giorgio grigolo profile pic

Giorgio Grigolo



Frequently asked questions

I use Bedrock. Can I join on the Java server?

Yes, the server accepts both Java and Bedrock players. Please note, since the server is Java based, it is more ideal to use a Java client, for a better gaming experience.

Is the server free to play on?

The server is completely free-to-play. Every item that can be bought on the server, are purely cosmetic. We do not believe in a pay-to-win experience

Are cheats allowed?

No, the server does not allow any use of cheats in the game. Anyone who is caught cheating will be permanently banned.

What hosting provider are you using?

Actually, the server is being personally hosted by the server owner in Malta (hence the low ping for the Maltese residents)

Can I join the server?

The server is public, meaning anyone can join. As long as you have a valid Java or Bedrock copy of Minecraft, you can join the server. 

How do I join the server?


Open your preferred Minecraft launcher, choose a version that is 1.15 or higher, then click multiplayer. From there, click on ‘Add Server’, enter any name you like, and for the server address, put Click done, and the server should show up for you and just click on it or ‘Join Server’.


Launch Minecraft, and click ‘Play’. Go to the ‘Servers’ tab, scroll to the bottom and click ‘Add Server’. From there, enter any name you like, add the server address and for the port, enter 40920. Click ‘Save’, then click on the server you just created, and press ‘Join Server’.

Contact Us

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Minecraft Server Status

Status: Online
Server software: Waterfall
Players: 0/50 (Players list)  - Ping request cannot get data.

NOTE: We are not associated with Mojang. This is an independent server